These general terms and conditions are offered to you by NAAZ collection, located at hantje de jongstraat 22, 3067 AB ROTTERDAM.

Table of contents

Article 1 Identity of the entrepreneur
Article 2 Definitions of the entrepreneur
Article 3 Applicability
Article 4 The agreement
Article 5 Right of withdrawal
Article 6 The price
Article 7 Delivery and execution
Article 8 Compliance with agreement
Article 9 Cancellation
Article 10 Payment
Article 11 Right of ownership and right of retention
Article 12 Suspension and dissolution
Article 13 Force majeure
Article 14 Complaints
Article 15 Liability
Article 16 Privacy statement
Article 17 Disputes
Article 18 Applicable law

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Email address: info@naazcollection.nl
Chamber of Commerce number: 77796381
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In these conditions the following definitions apply:

1. Additional agreement: an agreement whereby the consumer acquires products from the entrepreneur in connection with an agreement or a distance agreement and these goods are delivered by the entrepreneur;
2. Entrepreneur: the partnership called NAAZ collection, registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 77796381;
3. Consumer: any natural person who is not acting for purposes related to his trade, business, craft or profession;
4. Agreement: any agreement or agreement concluded between the entrepreneur and the consumer, as well as the delivery of goods by the entrepreneur at the request or acceptance of the consumer;
5. Distance agreement: an agreement concluded between the entrepreneur and the consumer in the context of an organized system for the distance sale of goods, whereby exclusive or partial use is made of one or more products up to and including the conclusion of the agreement. remote communication techniques;
6. Technology for distance communication: means that can be used to conclude an agreement, without the consumer and entrepreneur having to meet in the same room at the same time.


3.1 These general terms and conditions apply to every offer from the entrepreneur and to every concluded agreement or distance contract between the entrepreneur and the consumer. 3.2 These general terms and conditions also apply to all future agreements;

3.3 Before the agreement or distance contract is concluded, the content of these general terms and conditions will be made available to the consumer. If this is not reasonably possible, the entrepreneur will indicate before the distance contract is concluded how the general terms and conditions can be viewed at the entrepreneur and that they will be sent free of charge at the consumer's request;

3.4 If the distance contract is concluded electronically, notwithstanding paragraph 3 and before the distance contract is concluded, the text of these general terms and conditions can be made available to the consumer electronically in such a way that it can be read by the consumer can be stored in a simple manner on a durable data carrier;

3.5 If at any time a provision of these general terms and conditions is void, voidable or inapplicable, this will not affect the other provisions of these general terms and conditions. The provision that is void, voidable or inapplicable will be replaced by the parties with a new provision that comes closest in economic terms to its original scope;

3.6 The entrepreneur reserves the right to change and/or supplement these general terms and conditions at any time;

3.7 Accepting an offer or placing an order means that the consumer accepts the applicability of these general terms and conditions;

3.8 The applicability of the general terms and conditions of the entrepreneur is hereby expressly rejected by the consumer.


4.1 The agreement is concluded at the time of acceptance by the consumer of the offer and compliance with the conditions set;

4.2 If the offer has been accepted electronically, the entrepreneur will immediately confirm receipt of the acceptance electronically;

4.3 Defects or ambiguities in offers or order confirmations cannot lead to a binding obligation on the part of the entrepreneur that deviates from the actual intention, nor is the entrepreneur liable for any damage caused by the above factors.


5.1 After conclusion of the agreement, the consumer has a cooling-off period of 7 days to return the purchase without any obligations. In that case, the consumer must return the purchase undamaged and unused in the original packaging;

5.2 If the purchase is returned undamaged, unused and in the original packaging, the consumer is entitled to a refund of the purchase price. The refund is made in the same way as payment;

5.3 In the case of a distance contract concluded via the website: *, the consumer has a cooling-off period of 7 days to return the purchase without obligations. In that case, the consumer must return the purchase undamaged and unused in the original packaging.

5.4 The cooling-off period referred to in paragraph 3 starts on the day after the consumer has received the product;

5.5 The return costs are borne by the consumer.


6.1 The prices stated in the range of products include 21% VAT;

6.2 The prices stated are exclusive of shipping costs, unless otherwise stated, exclusive of any other government levies, as well as insurance, transport and packaging costs;

6.3 All prices are without obligation.


7.1 The entrepreneur acts carefully when executing the order for products;

7.2 The address that the consumer has communicated to the entrepreneur serves as the place of delivery;

7.3 The delivery period commences upon receipt of payment, unless otherwise agreed;

7.4 The stated delivery period assumes that there are no obstacles for the entrepreneur;

7.5 The consumer is obliged to purchase the products when the entrepreneur has them delivered;

7.6 The entrepreneur is not liable for any damage in connection with the transport and delivery of the products;

7.7 Transport and delivery of the products will be done by PostNL.


8.1 The entrepreneur ensures that the product complies with the agreement, the stated specifications and the reasonable requirements of reliability;

8.2 The entrepreneur will execute the accepted order as quickly as possible but no later than within 15 days, unless another agreement has been reached.

In the event of full or partial cancellation of the order by the consumer, he is obliged to reimburse the entrepreneur for reasonably incurred expenses with a view to the execution of this order.

10.1 Unless otherwise stated in the agreement or additional conditions, the amounts owed by the consumer must be paid within 7 days after the start of the reflection period, or in the absence of a reflection period, within 7 days after concluding the agreement. ;
10.2 If the consumer does not fulfill his payment obligation(s) on time, after he has been informed by the entrepreneur of the late payment and the entrepreneur has allowed the consumer within a period of 14 days to still fulfill his payment obligation(s). If payment is not made within the aforementioned period, the statutory interest will be due on the amount still owed and is entitled to charge the extrajudicial collection costs incurred by it.

11.1 The products delivered by the entrepreneur remain the exclusive property of the entrepreneur until full payment has been made by the consumer;
11.2 The consumer is not authorized to transfer, process or incorporate into other objects the items subject to the retention of title that have not yet been fully paid for;
11.3 If the consumer acts contrary to the provisions of the second paragraph, the entrepreneur will impose a fine pro rata;
11.4 As long as ownership of the entrepreneur's products has not yet been transferred to the consumer, the consumer is obliged to store these products separately from other items with due care and as recognizable property of the entrepreneur.

12.1 The authority to suspend or terminate the agreement arises if the consumer does not or incompletely fulfill an obligation under the agreement, or is likely to fail to do so;
12.2 The entrepreneur is entitled to terminate the agreement without judicial intervention and without notice of default if the consumer is declared bankrupt or is in a suspension of payments.

13.1 An obligation under the agreement can be suspended if the parties cannot fulfill the obligations under the agreement, cannot fulfill them on time or cannot properly fulfill them as a result of force majeure pursuant to art. 6:75 BW;
13.2 If a case as referred to in the first paragraph occurs, the parties will inform each other about this in writing.

14.1 Complaints regarding the delivered products must be submitted fully and clearly described to the entrepreneur within a reasonable time, no later than 6 months after delivery;
14.2 The complaint will be answered within a period of 14 days.

15.1 The entrepreneur respects the personal data and ensures that the personal information provided to the entrepreneur is treated confidentially.
15.2 Personal data concerns all information about a person. Data that indirectly says something about someone is also personal data. The following implements the information obligation laid down in the GDPR to the data subject(s) whose personal data the entrepreneur processes;
15.3 The entrepreneur is authorized to use the personal data to fulfill the agreement;
15.4 The processed personal data will not be kept longer than necessary;
15.5 On the website(s): * buttons (also called buttons) and/or links are included to promote or share web pages on social (media) networks or third-party websites, such as Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. The Entrepreneur does not supervise and is not responsible for the processing of personal data by and through such third parties. The use of those media is therefore at your own risk. Before you use the services of third parties, it is advisable to first read the privacy statement of those third parties;
15.6 The entrepreneur has the right to change the content of this privacy statement at any time without prior notice.

Any dispute between the entrepreneur and the consumer will, in deviation from the legal rules for the jurisdiction of the civil court, be settled by the North Holland District Court if the court has jurisdiction.

Every agreement between the entrepreneur and the consumer is exclusively governed by Dutch law