About us

Follow your passion, and success will follow you

The success story of Naaz Collection started in 2018 as a store.
We started as a small shop that sold nightgowns.
Every week you will receive a complete number of styled looks that you can shop in their entirety with us.
Very nice and easy under one roof.
Thanks to Facebook it went quickly and our looks were received with much praise :-))
Visitors from all over the country for our little shop.
How special and wonderful this was!! The fact that so many people like our style is of course the greatest compliment for us.
We have now grown so much that our team has grown with us.
We are now with 9 wonderful girls!
Since 2021, there was 'finally' a webshop.
Something we didn't want all this time, because we wanted to keep it personal.
Many requests continued to flow in from all over the country, because people could not drive back and forth every week.
At their request, we decided to test it for a month as a service for customers outside Rotterdam.
This was a huge success with many orders and many happy customers.
After all these super enthusiastic responses, we have of course decided to continue this in the most user-friendly and personal way possible online.
This created an extra “Team Webshop”, which focuses entirely on the webshop: from design to serving the webshop customer.
Below we would like to introduce our team to you and who does what within our company.
Meet Naaz Collection